World Religions Experience Report

Experiencing Religion Report
Introduction to World Religions (R52-S14C) I attended Good Shepherd Independent Missionary Baptist Church, 1163 West Campbell Blvd., Goodlettsville, TN on Sunday, April 13th, 2014. I attended the 11:00 a.m. traditional service. The service I attended was also on Palm Sunday. I particularly attended this day because my son was invited to play his saxophone. My husband attended this church as a child.Symbols
The church did not have a lot of things around. I was surprised that it was very plain and simple. However, I did see one large cross in the middle of the sanctuary on the front wall. I also noticed a lot of lilies. There was also a baptismal pool behind the pulpit. There were also several Bibles. I remember a beautiful oil painting that caught my attention. It was covered by lambs with one shepherd with staff in the center.Myths
I had heard a lot of stories about the “old southern Baptist” way at church. The stories I had heard were very true. The church is rather strict and you don’t just cut off the sermon when twelve o’clock chimes. We were there until after one! The children do not have their own “church” or nursery. They are expected to sit through the service and behave.
The doctrine that I noticed was the Lord’s Prayer. We also say this at the church I attend. I was proud to be able to join in and know it by heart!
It was very clear during the service that the members there are expected to act in a christianly manner. This preacher was very straight forward. However, I was astonished that he mentioned being homosexual and his negative belief about it. One person actually got up and walked out after his comment.
Rituals are actions that are to be repeated, prescribed, and ceremonial. They are required to be performed exactly as prescribed and expected.
The people at the service were very diverse. There were all ages attending. However, all…

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