Why Voting is Important

Voting is a right that every citizen should take advantage of. In America, it’s more important than ever, because America is a superpower that influences and shapes not only what the rest of the world does, but what future it will head into via the economic values, human morality as well as our environment and natural resources. My main focus will focus on how voting can impact our future environment, privacy, and how we value each other as American citizens.
Climate change is forcing us to take a serious look at the world we’re living in as well as the world we’re leaving for future generations. Because of a lack of transparency within the political system which slow legislations and is funded by corporations who stand to lose money, we’re not seeing progressive change. Our cars are still run by gas, power grids are still powered by coals and we are experiencing droughts while companies are gaining money selling bottled water. While everyone will have to make profound personal lifestyle changes to help balance our CO footprint, many transitions to sustainable energy and development must happen at the state and federal levels. It’s going to take a Brobdingnagian effort in political activism, cooperation and vision to move the agenda. We need politicians that will fight with that in mind for the long haul. Internet usage has shown a staggering increase within the last decade. With more people using the Internet to do just about everything, it’s important that everyone’s privacy is protected. Corporations and government controls a vital amount of information. How that information is used depends on who’s behind the wheel. However, is it their right to have access to everyone’s information without probable cause? Technology is growing so fast these days, that it’s still a “wild west” concept not only for businesses, but for government wanting to control this information. With the definition of “domestic terrorist” is including aspects that can…

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