Wheat Flour Grinding Machine Makes Cooking Food Manifold

Wheat Flour Grinding Machine Makes Cooking Food Manifold
All the food regional material come from the grains, such as wheat, corn, rice, especially for the wheat, it is our main food in daily life. Every steps of cooking material can not without the Wheat Flour Grinding Machine.
How to select a good wheat flour grinding machine for use is also a challenge, and Win Tone wheat flour grinding machine is the best choice. Win Tone wheat flour grinding machine design adopts the technical process of extracting flour from medium and long flour scheme in the milling workshop and pneumatic automatic roller mills to consist the milling technique which is full blown in Europe. 3B, 4B and 5B all have coarse and fine systems; bran pieces from upper section of plansifter is treated with bran scourer to shorten the process of break system. Middling system, semolina system and 1T system all adopt smooth rollers and combine with impact detacher to reduce the power of rear milling stage. 2T system adopts smooth rollers to give special treatment to material in T system in rear milling stage and thus plays the key role of reducing ash content. Roller’s contact length is 11.0mm/100Kg wheat/24h; sieving area is 0.0875m2/100Kg wheat/24h; purifier’s unit sieve surface width is 1.77mm/100Kg wheat/24h. This technical process of wheat flour grinding machine has the following economic and technical index: if it mills one grade, total flour extraction rate is 75%, cumulative ash content is 0.53~0.63%; if it mills two grades, the extraction rate of grade 1 is 45%, its ash content is 0.45~0.55; the extraction rate of grade 2 is 30% and its ash content is 0.65~0.73%. The above mentioned ash content is calculated on dry basis. For normal milling, the power consumption per ton flour is not higher than 66kW/h. We also provide you the best service and make sure you use the wheat flour grinding machine satisfied.
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