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, Ryan started to realize that he was lonely and realized that he needed people. He never let anyone close to him. He always valued the reward cards and membership benefits more that friends and family, and always wanted to be part of the 10 million miles frequent flier club, and travelled extensively to get into it. When he completed the 10 million miles he was not happy as he always thought he would be. When the pilot came to congratulate him Ryan was less excited than what he thought it would feel like. He might have been surrounded by people but was always isolated as Kara once said. At the end, Ryan was all alone in the airport and finally realized that everyone would be home with their families while he would be on a plane flying. He also understood that he had missed out a lot in. Thus the loneliness in his life made Ryan Bingham realize the value of friendship, family and long term relationships.
Finally Ryan Bingham evolved from a loner to someone who needed people. He started caring for people in his life and ultimately ended up writing a glowing recommendation for his colleague. He also ended up transferring a huge amount of miles to his sister and her husband. He spent his life avoiding any form of attachment but eventually grew up and realized that he had missed many things. He realized things too late. Ryan Bingham went through emotional experiences and was influenced by all the characters around him so much that he finally turned into a caring human being wishing for solid relationships in life.

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