US Government Supply Chain Standards

US Government standards
Case Assignment
For this case study please read the article below concerning the government setting supply chain standards to enable better integration within the supply chain. This article and your background articles should provide you with a good start on writing a 3-4 page paper discussing the following issue. Please supplement the paper with other references of your choice.
How will setting supply chain standards improve supply chain managementThibodeau, P., (2002). Supply chain standards up for federal funding. Computerworld, Framingham, 36(42).
Abstract: Congress is considering legislation authorizing $47 million to help develop supply chain integration standards The legislation, the Enterprise Integration Act of 2002, has been approved by the US. House and is pending in the Senate. It has no apparent opposition and is backed by industry groups.
I will disclose early, that I do not want Government Control or oversight in most business concepts, I think that only a few are required when public safety is a concern, like transportation, food, and drugs are involved. So when I see that Congress is putting money toward standardizing Supply Chain(1), I wonder why my tax dollars are being spent on standardizing something that companies might not want to be standardized? Another question is will standardizing cost more to the end user or consumer? Also, will standards turn into laws that smaller companies would not be able to afford to abide by these laws I had a lot of trouble finding more ÔÇťoutside” articles on the US Government Standardization of Supply Chain Management, but I did run across a memorandum from the White House in 2013. In 2013, Federal departments and agencies were directed to implement supply chain operational Standards. To “advance the development and implementation of key global supply chain related standards, best practices, and guidelines to advance goals established by the…

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