Unit 6 Discussion 1: Minimizing Recovery Time Strategies

Unit 6 Discussion 1: Minimizing Recovery Time StrategiesLearning Objectives and Outcomes
You will engage in a discussion on strategies to minimize recovery time in a Windows environment. Assignment Requirements
Ken 7 Windows Limited has added several new servers and workstations to the Ken 7 domain to support the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. While losing a workstation to a disastrous event would be uncomfortable, losing a server would have a far greater impact to Ken 7 Windows. Therefore, it’s important that plans are in place to recover from any unexpected situation in as short a time as possible. Consider each of the following possible recovery strategies and discuss the merits and drawback of each one with your classmates, specifically focusing on their appropriateness for limited, average, and substantial budget:
Weekly full server backups with daily incremental backups
Daily full server backups
Daily full server backups with hourly incremental backups
Redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) disks (RAID) storage devices with periodic full backups
Storage area network (SAN) devices for multiple servers
Replicated databases and folders on high-availability alternate serversIf there is another option, in your opinion, suggest that along with the rationale for it. What factors might make any of the following strategies more or less attractive
Participate in this discussion to engage in a meaningful debate regarding your choices of recovery strategy to manage Windows environment of Ken 7. You must defend your choices with valid rationale. Summarize your thoughts in a Word document and submit it to your instructor.Required Resources
Submission Requirements
Format: Microsoft Word
Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space
Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style
Length: 1–2 pages
Due By: Unit 6Self-Assessment Checklist
Use the following checklists to support your work on the assignment:…

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