Technology Is a Major Problem in Society

Alyssa Herrmann
English 9
10 December 2013
Technology Is a Major Problem in Society
Technology is the driver of society in the modern world today. People rely on technology for everything in life starting from health, industry, household, organizations and business among other sectors of the economy and society. The benefits of technology are breathtaking since it makes life worth living and easy. Nevertheless, the same technology is known to have brought with it various setbacks and problems. It is norm that everything that has benefits also has consequences. Computer and internet technology has been known to make communication easier and better. This technology does solve the social problem of communication and interaction. However, there are several social problems that have risen as a result of computer and internet technology.
Every researcher who does a study on the benefits of technology discusses how computer technology and internet is the best thing that happened to society. It is only a few people who care to admit that this technology is to some extent the worst that happened to society. For starters people today are so held up with the computer and internet that they cannot imagine life without them. There is so much time spent online surfing and browsing the internet that people forget important things in life. The students are relying is much on the internet that they forget holding discussions and attending lessons because they believe they will get everything from the internet. This is affecting the contact time beyween the students and the teachers/tutors. The school performance is being affected thus impacting negatively on the performance of students in the job market. Skills like team player, creativity, interpersonal and other social skills are learnt by interacting and sharing with colleagues and teachers in school. When students fail to acquire these skills at school it affects them when they complete studies and go into the working…

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