Homophobia is still highly common all across the world, especially found in the less economical developed countries (LEDC’s) this issue has not been tackled as LEDC’s may feel that other problems (education, political) are more of a priority than homosexual people. LEDC’s tend to have much more restricted laws that more developed countries, and religion is highly prioritised, all these factors may contribute to the reason LEDC’s have no tolerance for homosexual people.
For example, In Uganda Laws in have stated any homosexual act is a crime. In November 2012, the speaker of the Parliament of Uganda promised to enact a revised anti-homosexuality bill, providing for harsher penalties against suspected LGBT people and anyone who fails to report them to authorities, including long-term imprisonment and the death penalty for what the law terms “repeat offenders”. Torture and executions occur and police participate or turn a blind eye to it.
From this it is clear to see that the Ugandan society is highly against any homosexual relationship, and although there are protest fighting for gay rights- not a lot of impact has been made.Despite this law activist estimated in 2007 Ugandan gay community consisted of 500,000 people.When looking at the laws regarding homosexual relationships and expression, South Africa is the only place within Africa where same sex marriage is legal, in contrast to North Sudan where any homosexual act will face the death penalty. However, when looking at places such as Russia which is deemed as ‘developing’ there is still restriction to freedom of expression, meaning gays and lesbians still feel they have to hide their sexuality and cannot be open. For example teachers. When looking at places such South America which allows same sex marriages it is interesting to see that it is highly religious but still allows same sex relationships.

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