MBS1123 ?MARKETING MANAGEMENTTitle:A Review of the growth,issues and challenges faced by India
as an emerging economy in retail marketing.BY
JASIR ABDUL RASHEEDAcademic Honesty Policy Statement
I, hereby attest that contents of this attachment are my own work. Referenced
works, articles, art, programs, papers or parts thereof are acknowledged at the end
of this paper. This includes data excerpted from CD-ROMs, the Internet, other
private networks, and other people’s disk of the computer system. A REVIEW OF THE GROWTH, ISSUES AND CHALLENGES FACED
The Indian Retail Market is the fifth largest on the planet. Trading off of sorted out and sloppy portions, Indian
retail market is one of the speediest creating business ventures in India, especially sometime during the last few
years. Regardless of the way that at the outset the retail business in India was generally sloppy, however with
the change of taste and slant of customers, the Industry is getting more pervasive these days and getting
composed additionally.
The US$ five hundred billion Indian retail market, growing at an annual rate of twenty per cent, is essentially
dominated by little outlets and ‘kirana’ stores as of currently. The organized retail phase is in its aborning stage
and features a immense potential to harness within the sub-continent. Foreign giants like Wal-Mart,IKEA and
Lulu Hypermarkets have recently received the Government’s nod to enter into the Indian market, after creating
all the mandatory compliances.
This paper discusses the growth of retail marketing in India,also highlights the issues ,challenges faced by the
industry.And a brief review on current FDI policies.
KEYWORDS: Retail,Growth,Challenges,Issues,Foreign Direct Investment.
India is the second quickest developing economy on the planet. It is third biggest economy in the world as far as
GDP is taken in terms and…

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