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A Research on the Usage of Words in the abstracts of Research Papers and Reasons
———a research about abstracts based on the corpusName:???
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As the world develops quickly,people try hard to make progress everyday by discovering something important behind the daily affairs and make conclusions if possible,and that is what we call knowledge or experiences.The most common way is to do researches and record the result as findings to tell people about the subject and show the convincing proves.The predecessors have done many researches on different aspects of research abstracts,for instance,the analysis about the restricted expressions in abstracts,the characteristics of all kinds of words used in abstracts,the different levels of structure of abstracts and so on.In this paper,the passage focuses especially on the usage of words in abstracts of research papers and the reason why it turns out to be like this or what factors result in this finding.It’s obvious that an excellent paper can’t exist without a wonderful abstract because an abstract introduces the main idea of the research,which is easy for the readers to understand the subject and judge whether this research is meaningful ,and whether the approaches used to carry out the plans are convincing or not,whether the significance of is true and so on,then they will be able to decide to read the main body of articles or not.To achieve our goal,a lot of methods were taken to make the research as convincing as possible.To be detailed,first we were divided into several groups in order to distribute tasks,and then we all searched on the Internet for English research papers from different fields depending on our majors to try to find the general case.After that,we put the abstracts of those 90 research papers together and used an app called Antcocn to count the frequencies of all words and…

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