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Same-Sex Relationships And Women With Intellectual Disabilities
Tina Brazell
South UniversityThis paper is to explore the research purpose, methods used, how the research was conducted, the results and the conclusion of a study done on Same-Sex Relationships and Women With Intellectual Disabilities. The study was conducted to examine the attitudes of women with intellectual disabilities towards homosexuality and gender role beliefs. To be able to develop a positive identity as gay or lesbian one first needs to know that such an alternative sexuality exists and second to be open in one’s attitudes towards it (Hunter 2007). Previous research has shown that people with intellectual disabilities have tended to hold at minimum negative and at most blatantly homophobic attitudes towards homosexuality (McCabe & Schreck 1992).
The purpose of this study was two-fold. First it is to gain more insight about the current knowledge level and the attitudes in reference to same-sex relationships by women that have intellectual disabilities. Second, it is to examine to see if this sample of women with intellectual disabilities replicates previous research in examining if the relationship between stereo-typical beliefs and attitudes towards same-sex relationships have the same outcome.
The methods used for this study begins with its design. The design was a cross sectional within a group, correlational design was employed using the data obtained from three self-report measures and demographical data.
The participants of this study included twenty-seven people recruited from two inner city NHS Trusts. The mean age of the sample being 40.8 years, the range being between 23-65. Twenty-three participants were single, one married, one widowed and two divorced. Twenty-one resided in group homes, one with parents, and the remaining five resided alone. Two were unemployed, while the others worked either full-time or part-time, the rest were students with one being…

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