Professionalism in the Army

What is professionalism in the United States Army and what does it mean to be or act professional? Professionalism is being an expert and specializing in the knowledge of ones professionalism of their practice. The Merriam Webster dictionary sets the definition of professionalism as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. It is about being highly motivated and doing what is asked of someone and following through with whatever is asked of you to do. Also showing up early and being on time, in the right uniform or look like you are ready for whatever you are being tasked to do. As well as looking up to and also following the United States Army Values at all times no matter what the situation. Being professional also means that you are being in the right place at the right time, doing exactly what is right physically, morally as well as ethically. Being a professional in the United States Army means that everything is done by first impression to the way that you work , the way you handle yourself at work and the way you handle different situations in the work place. It also has to do with your motivation and how well you perform the tasks at hand and the different jobs that need to be completed but also knowing what you are doing and how things need to be done when it comes to the task at hand as well as other certain circumstances. Professionalism also means that one is able to be emotionally intelligent as well as highly observant, some individuals need to pay attention and be well aware of what is going on around them and their work place as well as having the ability to be an active listeners and multi task at the same time. Meaning that when you are doing one task that needs to be completed and someone else needs your advice, your help or your opinion or maybe a supervisor, boss or other higher ranking individual needs to put out important information, you are able to actively listen to what is being…

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