Political Impact

Political impacts on the Justice administration reaches across all aspects of the justice system. One growing trend in recent years is the question of why such a large amount of criminals are African Americans. Some would argue they are targeted by police, or some would say it is because they are not given the same opportunities that others receive. No matter what the true cause, it is issues like these that raise red flags in political corners. Due these issues Police as well as others in the justice field must act in a certain manner in order to try and change the political views of police. If the public is convinced that Officers are doing wrong, it will take a lot to change their minds. Police then have to literally change how they keep people safe in order to look politically correct. Running a justice system to please politics is not only corrupt but it is in the best interest of strangers to the system. The justice system should be run based off effectiveness and the wellbeing of the community, not what looks the best in the public or others eyes. Other areas to consider politics in the justice system are in the courtrooms. From local courts all the way up to the federal supreme courts, politics play a major role. In plea bargains, passing laws and even case laws can be affected by politics. Due to these types of politics there has been theories evolved on different types of policing being done across the country. Three of the most famous theories are, the legalistic, the watchman and the service-oriented(citewilson).These styles are what some would call the last ditch efforts to stay politically correct. It is a sad day in the justice system when the system is afraid to put criminals in jail.
When looking into the courts, imagine watching two people with no records get two different punishments for the same crime. This happens every day in courts today. In court if a subject’s friend is the son of a lawyer, who is in turn friends with a judge, do not…

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