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Unit 9: Values and planning in health and social careThe application of relevant principles and values will enable professionals to provide holistic support to individuals who use social services; this is because they can use this principle to help provide the best possible care for the service user. There are a variety of different values and principles within the health and social care sector, this enables care to be received by service users in a holistic way, this can be completed by taking into consideration different characteristics of the individuals needs and providing them with equal opportunities for these needs to be achieved. I will also be exploring these values and principles through two case studies, one is in regards to a man named Weyman who has a severe mental illness condition, and the second case is about a gentleman called roger who has Parkinson’s disease. The first principle is empowerment of individuals this means giving individuals enough information to enable them to make informed decisions about their life. It lies at the heart of the care value base, this provides a common set of ethnical principles and values for health and social care workers. This is shown in Weyman’s case study, Regardless of having a severe mental illness and severe mood swings, he has an assigned social worker who assesses he’s capacity to make decisions independently, this allows weyman to feel empowered as he has the opportunity to make his own choices.however women’s GP, parents and social worker all come to a decision together, this is called inter agency approach.The second principle is promotion of choices, this allows the individual to make decisions independently about their life and What activities they want to participate in. If an individual needs support they can be provided with an advocate,this is a person who ensures that the service users choices Are promoted by representing the individual and explaining what it is and how important it…

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