Omaha Platform of the People’s Party of America
(July 4, 1892) The Populist party formed by a variety of aid societies such as the agrarian Granger and Alliance, Labor representatives in the knight of labor and other unions, as well as the third party, veterans form parties small, regional varied as the prohibition party, green wick party, union labor party, equal rights party and industrial reform all equal the people’s party or as stated above the populist party. They had the political-economic philosophy that demands for inflationary monetary policy, tariff reform and that manual laborers share a common interest whether they work on farms or in factories. In a nut shell saying although we work in different fields we all have the same interest, wants, needs and or demands. Putting corruption dominating ballot boxes, legislatures and congress to blame for bringing the nation to the verge of moral, political and martial ruin.The experience Anne Moody had as a student activist while she attended Tugaloo College in Jackson, Miss was rather a very active and growing one in civil rights efforts.
She joined the CORE group (congress of racial equality) as well as the NAACP (national association for the advancement of colored people) chapter in Jackson, Miss. John Salter the man in charge of NAACP campus activities chose her to be the spokesman for the famous sit-in at Woolworth’s lunch counter. Moody’s experience during this sit-in would be a violent, cruel and rather eye opening jolt as she along with other sit-in participants were tormented and brutality attacked by an angry mob, as local police observed with no sympathy for them. In my personal opinion from reading this memoir to me Moody titled this “Coming of Age in Mississippi” because she gave us a very personal articulate moving account of the frustrating struggles blacks faced growing up in the south dying to

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