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NTC 409 Entire Course Version 1
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NTC 409 Entire Course Global Network Architecture and Design Version 1

NTC 409 Week 1 Complete DQs

NTC 409 Week One DQ 1
As a network architect, you will be responsible for the logical and physical design of the network. Describe the differences between logical design and physical design. How does creating the logical design help the architect with the physical design
NTC 409 Week One DQ 2
Describe a scenario where the traditional network design might be more favorable than a building-block approach. What are the risks when using the traditional network design modelNTC 409 Week 1 Individual Switches Routers and Gateways

NTC 409 Week 2 Complete DQs

NTC 409 Week Two DQ 1
How does QoS play a role in integrated networks that have both voice and data traffic in a LAN and in a WAN? What are some other strategies that can be implemented to reduce latency issues with voice data
NTC 409 Week Two DQ 2
Explain the difference between analog and digital transmissions. What are some issues that analog signals might have that are solved by using digital transmissions? What requirements might you see with analog signals that are not relevant to digital signalsNTC 409 Week 2 Individual Forecasting and Monitoring Tools Paper
NTC 409 Week 2 Learning Team Riordan Manufacturing WAN Project Part I

NTC 409 Week 3 Complete DQs

NTC 409 Week 3 DQ 1
What role do the international standards for networking play in globalization? In your opinion, are the proprietary versions of some of these standards used by some networking and telecomm vendors a good or a bad thing? Explain your answer.

NTC 409 Week 3 DQ 2
What different roles do the Institute for…

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