1Leah Floyd
Ms. Kronquest
ENGL 106
13 October 2013
A Memorable Trip
My most memorable trip is the time I went to Orlando with my husband and two kids this
past summer. After two years of spending time here in Washington, I finally got a chance to take
leave and relax from work.The first reason why my trip to Orlando was memorable was because I actually got a chance to
spend time with my husband and two children. Traveling to get to the airport in Seattle was a bit
rough and stressful but once we arrived in Orlando, I knew it was worth it and that we were
going to have a good time. My mother-n-law met up with us at the Orlando International Airport.
I was so happy when I saw her. She has been great help as well as a friend. She helped us with
the kids and grocery shopping and I love her for that.The second reason why my trip was so memorable was because this was the first time I’ve ever
been to Orlando and I’ve really enjoyed myself. The hotel we stayed in was an actual home in a
villa resort. The resort included seven bedrooms, with four whole bathrooms, a family room,
living room, kitchen, laundry room, game room with a pool table and air hockey game. It also
included a fenced in private pool all for a reasonable price for 10 days. Two days later my
parents finally met up with us in Orlando. I was really happy to see them. This was really starting 2to become a family reunion. My parents really enjoyed themselves in Orlando. My mother
mentioned that she’s never been to Orlando and much she loved Orlando and she would be glad
to come back. I saw how much they were really enjoying the grandkids and I thought that was a
good thing.The third reason why my trip to Orlando was so memorable was because I also got a chance to
take my family to Disney World and my kids got a chance to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse for
the first time. They really had a great time. They got a chance to get on rides, take pictures with a
lot of…

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INTEGRITY, NEATNESS OF DRESS, AND THE IMPORTANCE OF MILITARY APPEARANCEGeneral appearance of military servant and condition of military uniform are essential components of every army battalion. However, some people could say that a particular sense of an army is about how servants do their job, but not about what they look like. Below are three reasons to demonstrate that dress and appearance influence effectiveness of military organization and, therefore, are vital.
First of all, wearing a uniform makes a military servant responsible for representation of a particular army department he or she belongs to. The majority of people tend to inductive reasoning. This means that looking at individual instances they make their conclusions about things in general. In the case of military appearance, people’s judgment on a whole army organization is based on their impression of an individual representative’s behavior and, of course, appearance. Inasmuch as military servants are aware of their representative function, they feel responsibility for keeping their uniform clean and well-groomed, and wearing it in compliance with all prescribed instructions.
The second reason to claim that the military appearance has the particular importance is its strong influence on formation of servant’s character and self-discipline principles. The uniform includes various military insignias, and, therefore, symbolizes especial honor and military dignity. Consequently, the military dress must always be neat, well-ironed, and fully buttoned. In addition to the cleanness of the dress, military appearance includes physical fitness and weight standards. In this way, servants are committed to keep themselves fit. Wearing the uniform in duration of a whole day also stimulates servants’ disciplinary. Increasing of individual’s disciplinary leads, in its turn, to increasing of general army effectiveness.
Finally, in order to illustrate general services’ attention to the uniform details, we…

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