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MGT 567 Week 1 Discussion Questions
MGT 567 Week 1 Legal and Ethical Responsibilities Paper
MGT 567 Week 2 Discussion Questions
MGT 567 Week 3 Discussion Questions
MGT 567 Week 3 Cultural and Relationship Values Analysis
MGT 567 Week 4 Discussion Questions
MGT 567 Week 5 Discussion Questions
MGT 567 Week 5 Corporate Social Responsibility Presentation
MGT 567 Week 6 Planning and Evaluating Social Initiatives Paper===============================================================================
MGT 567 Week 1 Individual Assignment Legal and Ethical Responsibilities PaperFor more course tutorials visit
www.mgt567.comImagine you are the VP of Human Resources of a medium-sized, privately held manufacturing company. Sales and profits have dropped sharply because of a downturn in the economy. The company owner wants you to take immediate action to reduce incentive payments for salespeople and implement a month-long layoff for all production workers. He does not want to affect management employees in any way. Although his requests are within the letter of the law, they do not seem to be ethical in your opinion.
Compose a memo of no more than 900 words to the owner outlining your concerns and emphasizing the difference between legal and ethical responsibilities.
Use appropriate examples to illustrate your points.
Include an alternate approach for the owner’s consideration that would be more appropriate from both a legal and ethical standpoint.===============================================================================MGT 567 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Ethical Decision-Making Opinion PaperFor more course tutorials visit
www.mgt567.comReview the Opening Decision Point scenario “What Would You Do?” at the beginning of Ch. 2 of the textbook. Imagine that this situation actually involved an employee at…

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