MGT 521 Complete Course Material Week 1-6

MGT 521 Complete Course Material Week 1-6
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MGT 521 Week 1 DQ1

Select a channel used for business communication. What are the advantages and challenges of that form of communication? Provide an example when you have used that form of communication or when someone else has used that form of communication with you. Did it work well for that situation? Why or why not
MGT 521 Week 1 DQ2

How would you use credentials, impartiality, style and tone, and currency criteria in evaluating the credibility and validity of your sources of information? Be sure to provide specific examples

MGT 521 Week 1 DQ3

What mistakes should be avoided when presenting an argument and why are these important in developing effective arguments? Be sure to provide specific examples.

MGT 521 Week 1 DQ4

How might presenting effective arguments differ in the classroom, daily life, and your job? Would you use different types of supporting evidence to make your argument? Explain.

MGT 521 Week 1 Individual Assignment Communication Channel Scenarios

MGT 521 Week 2

MGT 521 Week 2 DQ1

What strategies have been used to promote collaboration at your place of employment or a company you are familiar with? Have these strategies been successful or unsuccessful? Explain. Would you recommend implementing other strategies to promote collaboration? If so, what would those be
MGT 521 Week 2 DQ2

What are some real world examples of ethical and unethical practices you have read about, seen in the news, or encountered at your place of employment? What were the outcomes of those practices
MGT 521 Week 2 DQ3

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