MGMT 520 Legal Political Ethical Dimensions of Business Entire Course

MGMT 520 Legal Political Ethical Dimensions of Business Entire Course
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Week, TCOs, and Topics Readings/Class Preparation Activities/Assignments
Week 1
Business Ethics and International Responsibility Chapter 1: Introduction to Law (pp. 1–26)Chapter 2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility (pp. 28–71)Chapter 3: The Judicial System (pp. 76–102)Marianne Jenning’s article, “Why an International Code of Ethics Would be Good,” which can be found in Doc Sharing. Graded Discussion Topics
Week 2
Administrative Regulations Chapter 5: Business and the ConstitutionChapter 6: Administrative LawChapter 7: International Law (pp. 221–238) Administrative Law AssignmentGraded Discussion Topics
Week 3
Negligence, Product Liability, Warranties, and Really Hot Coffee Chapter 9: Business TortsChapter 10: Product Advertising and LiabilityChapter 11: Environmental Regulation Business Torts “You Judge the Case” Homework ES AssignmentGraded Discussion Topics
Week 4
Contracts and IP Issues Chapter 12: Contracts and Sales: Introduction and Formation (pp. 389–419)Chapter 13: Contracts and Sales: Performance and Remedies (pp. 428–449)Chapter 15: Business Intellectual Property (pp….

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