male body image pertsuassive essay

Male body image Historically, body image is seen to be a female concern and few would consider it an issue related to males. But men also worry about their appearance just like women. Maybe even more so. Men want to look good not only to attract a partner but also to gain and keep social status. When a man doesn’t look good he isn’t considered ‘desirable’ by women. This essay is going to tackle the pressing issues of male body image, the lack of knowledge the world has about it, how women contribute to male body image dissatisfaction and how society plays a role in our view of each other. Traditionally, men’s role in society is to be the ‘ideal’ man. A man who is strong and tough, yet kind caring and compassionate. He must have a six pack, abs and must be at his physical peak. He must not only be intellectual but also athletic. All these qualities are not individually rare in men however women will struggle to find this ‘ideal’ in one man as he does not exist. With the picture of this ‘ideal’ man I have described for you in your head, imagine the things men feel the need to go through to try and live up to this ideal. Strenuous exercise, going on diet after diet after diet and in some cases even taking steroids or body enhancing drugs to try and meet this ideal. Shocking statistics show us that male body image dissatisfaction has tripled in the previous 25 years; rising from 15% to 45%. Three in ten anorexia sufferers are male. 16% of men admit to purging after eating when trying to lose weight. And out of those men asked 77% of them admitted to excessive exercising in order to lose weight or to bulk up in a short period of time. 48% of male adolescents when asked, admitted to using muscle enhancing drugs (including steroids) when they feel the need to gain muscle. This percentage also admitted that they used this to gain social status and to impress certain women who only accepted them once they bulked up. These statistics are shocking when looked…

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