“Love “

I can’t describe love itself, but I can describe a moment in love. Love is talking to you while your eyes are struggling to keep open, but you’re listening to every word I say because you don’t want to leave me hanging. Eventually your body gives in and your body goes limp, your hair is sticking to your forehead and you call my name out in your sleep. Even though your passed out on the sheets, not aware of the cars passing down the street, I’ve never felt safer. The room feels warm with protection, I don’t think I’ll ever forget this feeling. I don’t feel butterflies or a buzzing in my heart. I just feel this warmth, all over my skin. Love is knowing that my dreams are far too out of reach, that I won’t end up rich with a huge mansion but not caring. Love is not caring about what the circumstances are or how much we fight over bills, love is being able to come home kiss you slowly and ask you how your day was. Sure, we’ll have our off days but love isn’t infatuation or obsession it’s patience and respect. Maybe to others this isn’t love, but I swear in that moment nothing else came to mind. In that moment while I looked at your shaking hands, I thought ‘this is what love feels like’ and I never wanted to let go of it. Because if I could feel that way for the rest of my life, everything else seemed dull and nothing was unreachable.

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In library the are tons of books available for people to check out. with out some time a system how would the librarian keep the book accounted for. The system that was created was able to advance the library to a more significant resource center. organization system would be the appropriate system to help with keeping track of the books. Library classification is what is being used to holds information on library materials; such as books, serial numbers, audio, computer files, maps, manuscripts, and realia. with this system the library was able to transform to advance technology and have everything on computer.
The system that was created specifically for the library is the knowledge organization. these new functions were created to so that it can bloom in a new day and age. the first system of the library was the Dewey Decimal Classification. it was created in 1876 and have been updated 23 times. three figured codes were used from 000 to 999 to code major branches of knowledge. it a allowed for more intense classification by adding further figures after the decimal point. it was used in many libraries in the U.S.. ans well as other places. Dewey approach for organization was the foundation for KOS. the intent was not to optimize the system of the library but more to manage the information faster.
Knowledge organization system was created to promote information and knowledge management. it was intended to encompass all types of schemes for organizing information and promoting knowledge management. it includes classification and categorized schemes to organize on a general level, subject headings that give more details. This organization system is not limited to just the library it is also used in museums, and archives. The main purpose is to organize material so that information van be retrieved. digital libraies may even use more that one KOS. KOS being computer based drawls the question of if tit more appropriate to manually input the information or…

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