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mention them, put your intended abbreviation in brackets after it and underline the case each time you have abbreviated. I.e. (e.g. with Hall v Sheiban; Hall is sufficient after being cited the first time under the heading of Law).
17. The correct law that you should have noted with respect to procedures and remedies was;
Legislation: Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld)
o s136: Complaint must be in writing
o s138: Time limit to make complaint – 1 year from the alleged contravention
o s209: Remedies
Common Law:
o Hall v Sheiban – remedies (compare the position that the complainant would be in had the discriminatory behaviour not occurred – this part can be discussed in the conclusion). Any other case where the respondent has been found liable for these actions could also be applied but was not specifically required.APPLICATION:
18. Do not simply repeat statements of law/legal principles without noting how they are relevant to the facts. You need to be APPLYING the law to your hypothetical facts in this section of your answer; .e.g. you should be talking about Gabby and Angelo, and specifically what Angelo did that amounted to sexual harassment. State the elements of the legislation for sexual harassment, then use the facts to prove/demonstrate each element. Do not just say “This behaviour would be considered to be sexual harassment”. Tell us WHY it would be considered sexual harassment.
19. Ensure that you have addressed (discussed) and applied each section or case that you noted as being relevant in your law section. Most marks in the application section are lost because of a failure to address all the issues and law in sufficient depth.
20. Remember that this is where most marks are provided in ILAC answers as this is where a student can demonstrate the learnt problem solving skills.CONCLUSION:
21. Always ensure that your conclusion matches your argument. You cannot argue in your application section that there was sexual harassment…

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