Defensive driving is learning how to anticipate problems before they happen. In other words, defensive driving is the ability to be proactive while driving, not passive. Today’s defensive driving courses help new and old drivers become aware of the changing demands in modern traffic patterns. Taking a defensive driving course provides participants with the additional skills they need to anticipate and avoid road hazards and become better, more aware drivers. Defensive driving courses come with other benefits too. They can result in ticket dismissal, cut points from driving records, as well as satisfy court orders. An accident or a couple of speeding tickets can double the already high rates on vehicle insurance, making your monthly premiums almost as high as your vehicle payments. This makes the tips and skills learned in a defensive driving course even more valuable.Defensive driving training can be beneficial to people with safe driving records as well because, in addition to increasing driving skills, it can also result in reduced insurance premiums without sacrificing any needed coverage. Defensive driving also reviews some of the challenges drivers face due to younger drivers’ known for texting and making phone calls while driving. For this reason, enrolling teens in a defensive driving course can result in an increased awareness of safe driving practices, and the ability to be proactive should a road hazard present itself.There are many skills taught while taking a defensive driving course. One of these is how to identify the capabilities of your own vehicle in order to put them to the best use. Another skill is the ability to avoid obstacles in the road or how to steer safely out of a skid. What about hydroplaning or driving in snow? Perhaps a pedestrian or a bicyclist suddenly appears out of nowhere – how will you avoid hitting them? How will you learn how to choose the correct maneuver or even what the maneuvers are? These are the important…

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