ITEC 630 Final Examination complete solution Spring 2015 Final Exam

ITEC 630 Final Examination complete solution Spring 2015 Final ExamClick Link Below To Buy:
Or Visit www.hwcampus.comPlease read these instructions carefully. Failure to correctly follow them will
adversely impact your grade.
• This exam is open-book, open-notes. Do not discuss any aspect of this
exam with anyone else – no discussions in conferences, no emails to me
• I will grade the exams on-line, therefore:
• Do not include any extraneous graphics that do not directly contribute
to your answer
• Answer on the PowerPoint slides provided – you may add slides
• Use no font smaller than 12 pitch (if I cannot read it you won’t get credit)
• Do not import graphics from any program besides PowerPoint (i.e. visio)
• Exam is due not later than Midnight EST Sunday 26 April. Late
submissions will NOT be accepted and will earn a grade of zero
• Post your PowerPoint slides in your assignment folders on LEO.
Question 1: (20 Points – 4 Points Each)
Multiple Choice – Eliminate all but the correct answer.
1.Which is not a factor to consider in software evaluationA. Performance effectiveness
B. Performance efficiency
C. Ease of use
D. Quality of documentation
E. Target Operating System2.In a database, Keys are:
A. Data items in a record used to identify the record
B. Normalized
C. The names of database tables
D. Used to identify the most important attribute of an Entity3.In a relational database, Metadata:
A. Specifies the size in Bytes of the database tables
B. Describes the name given and the length assigned each data item
C. Describes the associative relationships between Entities
D. Provides the answers to queries4.Peer reviewers are the key participants in which activity A. Structured walkthroughs
B. Top-down testing
C. Six-Sigma quality checks
D. Rapid Application Design (RAD)5. All of the…

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