Innovating Innovation

Karina Alves   
Innovating Innovation
The most commonly used definition for the word innovation is described as inventing new products, services, systems, management strategies, and organizations that respond to a need and at the same time create value.  The value part of this equation almost always is defined and measured by money.  Basically, the purpose of innovation being defined by our society, as of now, is centered in the idea of generating capital.  We have seen a boom of tech companies emerging in the Bay Area, and the hype of these innovative companies has only been increasing, just as the need for new ways of thinking.  All we hear about the Silicon Valley area is related to this place being the epicenter of technological innovation of the world.  But we rarely hear about how all of these innovative ideas and technologies are contributing to the betterment of our lives as a whole and in the long-term.  We rarely ask ourselves and society if all this novelty comes with a bigger purpose other than responding to a need and generating money.  Most importantly, we hardly ever ask if these novelties can actually cause harm.  Furthermore, when creating wealth, who is it serving and who is it benefiting?  We live in a crucial time of life, one in which we experience much destruction, greediness, and egocentrism.  If we want to continue having life on this planet, we better start thinking about how to restore the damage that has already taken place and how to move forward without making the same mistakes we have made in the past.  Innovation cannot be a word taken lightly, and especially, cannot be a word with such simplistic implication.  Innovation is not enough if its main purpose is only to raise money and accumulate wealth; a much needed definition of innovation should be expanded to creating value for progress in society and for the wellbeing of nature and people inhabiting this planet.  
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