Human Computer Interaction Evolution

Human interaction with computers has changed over the years, and continues to create change in the world that we live in. That interaction is not only on our laptops, tablets and handheld devices, but affects virtually every aspect of our lives. It has not always been like that though. Twenty five years ago the maintenance personnel on an airline flight line would enter maintenance performed on an aircraft, manually with a stubby pencil, and wait for the key puncher to enter the data to let them know if there was an error. Today, that same maintainer updates the information system after completing the work, and is notified instantly if the data is entered has an error. Technology has not only affected the processes we use at work, but has affected every aspect of our lives. One example is how we use human computer interface technology to travel to an unknown location. In years past, a map gave us the route to navigate to our destination, whereas, today we use speech interaction for directions to that same destination and when we get there to find out where the nearest restaurant or gas station is located. To understand how technology has evolved, you need to understand what human computer interaction is, how the end user affects the development, what issues developers face and what the future might hold.Human Computer Interaction Development As defined by Wikipedia, Human-Computer Interaction “involves the study, planning, design and uses of the interfaces between people (users) and computers. (Wikipedia, 2015).” One of the focuses of Human Computer Interaction is how humans interact with computers. Throughout the past 20 years, researchers have analyzed and designed specific user interface technologies, developing new applications with the aim of producing useful and usable software and hardware that has very little impact on the user. When designing a human interface it is important to consider how the users will interact with the…

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