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Rebelling against the reproduction of humans. Human achievements have slowly became nothing to me. Starting to look for different inspirations, want to be free from everything. My day is coming soon, that day…that day will start a new beginning for me. Everything I do now means nothing when that day comes, so then I ask myself what am I going, where am I really going. I wake up and go through what we call life, hopping one day I grow up and begin to understand it…. Sadly I never got to
Death.Why Did I…Sitting back asking myself whyWhy did I catch feelings for this person, why do I feel this way, why can’t I just get over it. Oh why do I feel this way about this person, what makes me feel this pain when this person hurts me. I just always find me telling myself never again but then I go back. Why? Why?….Why? I continue to live like this. I gotta move on, see better things, get focused about what I need to do in my life. Just maybe..there won’t be a why anymore..just maybe. pnd k. freestylesmoke just a little bit..drink just a little bit, he don’t drink like he used to..he don’t think like he used to, life taught you new things..now you wanna do things, the hills keep track of yo new balance..since you lost him you gotta new balance, I can’t sayy I’ll do better no no noooo..but I’d act like I know know knowwwww better, I can’t say I can’t that I’ll do better.. but i can’t say i never knew better nooo no no no, if I ever had you..I think I’d add you..all yo exes mad too..cus somehow i just bagged you, question girl im glad to..fuck you till you cum girl im glad too..yeah you know i had to(hmm yea yea) walking down yo steps with no bra or pantie..hmm cus you know better ask yo auntie, she said who’s that nigga he’s a R singer who’s that nigga what’s his intention..you said he’s a goodd nigga he’s a goodd nigga he’s a hooddd nigga(no no no no nooo) we’d act like we’d don’t know know know know..no if no what no but no what so ever, we can…

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