Henan huatai biology oil processing

Henan HuaTai food & oil machinery engineering Co., Ltd biology oil technology1. Pre-processingRaw oil in most situations is containing certain moisture content and microorganism, under the condition of the heated above 100 ?. Triglycerides (three glyceride) part of hydrolytic decomposition, into free fatty acids. Therefore, general raw oil especially waste cooking oil contains 22 . the dissolution of methanol catalystContained impurities such as water quantity in the mixture of methanol and catalyst under constant value used for modulation of methanol solution. The process, in particular, due to the sudden boiling solution heat, it is necessary to control the temperature of the dissolution rate and solution. Otherwise, KOH catalyst due to high water imbibition, so, in the storage and use of the phase to prevent absorption of moisture, once, to absorb a large number of moisture, KOH will become difficult to dissolve, will affect the next working procedure.~ 3% of free fatty acids, saturated solubility of water and residue of fixture.These impurities, especially in the process of by ester exchange method of alkaline catalyst, the catalytic activity decreased, produce adverse event generated make bad vice biological fuel properties, therefore, in front of the ester exchange reaction, necessary. To remove D/OIL manufacturing process, with fast separation, vacuum dehydration, acid and so on, almost all the impurities of the removal of waste cooking OIL. Saturated fatty acids by flipping legal broken into unsaturated fatty acids.3. Ester exchange reactionAfter pretreatment of raw oil and catalyst, methanol mixed, at 65 degrees for the ester exchange reaction (? – 4).In this process, in order to achieve the purpose of fully reflect (tri – di – mono – glyceride conversion rate in more than 99%), it is necessary to control the methanol/oil ratio raw materials, catalyst/oil ratio raw materials, mixing speed, the parameters of the reaction time…

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