Healthcare Delivery System

Healthcare Delivery SystemThe healthcare delivery system is rapidly changing and expanding in our country that it has opened the door for so many people. New careers and overall patient quality care and control are just a few examples. Technology has greatly advanced to improve patient diagnosis and care with remarkable outcomes. Advances in equipment and science have aided in every aspect of the medical field from cardiac to treating cancer. The most efficient and effective way of expediting patient care is electronic records. There are so many patients that have no idea what medications they are on or what allergies they have. Allowing physicians and medical personnel access to these records electronically not only expedites patient care but saves lives. Electronic record keeping saves from all that paper being wasted and space being used. I know what it was like to file charts and believe me it was awful. Some charts were misplaced others had pages of information from other patients charts. It was a very mismanaged way of handling patient records. Another technological advancement which has greatly improved and has helped me in my career is the switch from paper billing to electronic billing for claims. Anyone in the field of coding and billing knows what a major hassle and inconvenience the former way was. It took forever to have claims paid or denials to be processed.
Several downsides still exist in our healthcare delivery system. The largest problem consuming America at this time is the Affordable Care Act. This is something that was supposed to help the American people without insurance have affordable insurance for the first time. Instead it has created catastrophic consequences for people who had pre-existing insurance that they liked. There are people still reeling from losing their coverage. Luckily, I haven’t had too many problems with dental insurance yet… Another issue I’ve seen is that people with HMO insurance policies sometimes get…

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