Allah (SWT) asks us that if we do not want him to provide for us then who will. Who will send down rain for us and provide food for us. Who will we go back to when we need comforting and guidance. Who will we turn to when we need help in any form at any time. Who will give us something to work for, live for, fight for, cry for, die for. Who will give us something to live for and the confidence to live it fully with all out strenght. Allah (SWT) is all our means to survive. He is our sustainer; our supplier. He should be our everything.
On the last part of the surah, Allah (SWT) talks about how when we are shown jahannan on the last day and we see all the disbelievers with saddened faces, it will be said to the that this is the jahannam that they asked for and we’re fighting for. Allah (SWT) asks us if the prophet (SAW) was punished on thia dunyah, why shouldn’t we go through the same hardship. The prophet (SAW) who was so close to Allah (SWT) was abused while he was alive literaly on a daily basis. We went through so much while he lived in Mecca yet his religion did not waver. He would leave his house in the morning to find sharp, harmless objects scatterred in front of his house. He would have animal body parts dropped on him while he was in prayer. He would be spat on, tripped, everything you could possibly think of. He was called names, laughed at, sneered at, even thretend at. He ha to leave his country where he was born and raised in, and grew to love, to travel to another foreign country where he has only heard about. He would go on for months without food. He had to live on alert all the times. He had an ummah to take care of and guide on top of all this. Only a strong image was wanted from him. A leader. Someone the ummah could follow without hesitation and with all their trust. He went through so much but he took everything as a test; a trial. He knew better will be waiting for him and that this dunyab would not last that long. He knew that whatever he…

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