Future Directions in Education

7011.1.1: Formation in the Role of the Nurse Educator – The graduate creates a plan to use in transitioning to the role of a nurse educator.
7011.1.2: The Information Age and Effects on Nursing Education – The graduate analyzes influences on the development and use of modern technologies used in nursing education.
7011.1.3: Technology and Education – The graduate applies knowledge of adult education and traditional and alternative teaching methodology to use technology in educational experiences.
7011.1.4: Innovative Learning for the Future – The graduate analyzes emerging trends in education.
For this assessment, you will analyze how educational innovations are influencing nursing education and how you, as a nurse educator, can use these innovations to create a rich learning environment for your students.
You will begin this assessment by identifying a course that you will develop. This course could be used in a formal academic setting, or it could be used by a nurse educator in a clinical setting.
As part of your assessment, you will analyze an educational innovation and its effect on student outcomes. You will use current literature to provide examples of how the innovation is currently being used in organizations, and how they have benefited from this innovation. You will also explore how this innovation has impacted the role of the nurse educator.
Additionally, you will conceptualize a course of your choice, using the innovation you have selected. You will also examine how you would go about soliciting feedback from your nursing/nurse educator peers and how you would evaluate that feedback about the chosen innovation. Further, you will discuss insights you have gained through your research as well as how you may use this innovation for the future.
Finally, you will reflect upon your development as a nurse…

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