ENG 125 Week 2 Assignment Journal Two Identifying Conflict in Two Texts

ENG 125 Week 2 Assignment Journal Two Identifying Conflict in Two TextsCopy & Paste the link into your browser to get the tutorial:http://www.homeworkmade.com/eng-125-new/eng-125-week-2-assignment-journal-two-identifying-conflict-in-two-texts/Journal Two: Identifying Conflict in Two Texts. Due by Day 7. Read About Journals in ENG125: Introduction to Literature for more information about the purpose and expectations for journals.
This week, you continue writing your journal entries. This journal entry is designed to help you document ideas about conflicts in literature, which will contribute to the information required for the Week Three Draft and the Week Five Literary Analysis. Recognizing conflict is essential to understanding the various commentaries literature can provide.
In Journal One, you identified conflict as it might appear in our everyday world and from other sources. Now, consider the following definition of conflict and how it relates to literature from the textbook or the story/poetry links provided under the requirements for the Literary Analysis:
Conflict is opposing actions, ideas, and decisions that hold a plot together…the struggle that shapes the plot in a story.
Chapters 1-7 of our text contain a number of stories and poems, each of which rely on at least one conflict. Choose two of this week’s assigned literary works and write about the conflicts presented in each of them. In 250 to 500 words
• ?? State the specific conflicts you see in each work.
• ?? Describe the characters, forces, and/or entities that are at odds.
• ?? Explain why you think the conflicts are significant and what meanings/understandings they provide to the
• ?? Paraphrase, quote, and/or summarize content from the works to support your observations. Don’t forget to
add in-text citations for the works you draw from.
• ?? Explain how each conflict has meaning beyond the work in which it appears. Why is it important to be
able to…

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