Effects of recreational centers

Kendra Charles
Prof. Ferrara
English Comp 1
10 November 2015
Effects of Sports and Recreation Centers on Inner City Youth
A parent’s worst nightmare is having a child that is caught up in the streets. For inner city youth it is so easy for them to become consumed or intrigued by the street life. That is why is essential for communities to implement programs that will keep adolescents out of the streets and doing something productive. Youth recreational centers are an effective way to keep adolescents away from the streets and on the straight and narrow path, help them form bonds and provide them with mentors to aid them.
One major effect of recreation centers is that it reduces crime rates in dangerous neighborhoods. Youth violence is widespread and consistently problematic in the United States. It is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10 to 24.’ In 2007, youths were the victims of over 631,000 violence-related injuries that required treatment in United States emergency rooms, and 5,958 youths (ages 10-24) were murdered in 2006 alone (HAYWARD III) . This proves that inner city youth are typically greatly exposed to criminal activity and violence. Exposure to violence among inner-city youth appears to be associated with a certain pattern of negative outcomes. These outcomes include decreased participation in extracurricular activities (like sports, academic teams, band) and increased association with gangs and drugs. This level
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of exposure and the combination of teens having nothing to do with their time makes them more prone to steer toward committing crimes. They start to join and form gangs which is very detrimental to any community as a whole. Recreation programs will keep children safe and away from the harsh reality of their communities, which is violence. Essentially, recreational programs are the solution because they can deter crimes and keep children occupied.
In addition, recreation centers enable young people…

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