Eating Disorder close to me

Eating disorder close to me
Beauty and how women’s body should look concept have changed through generations. In the middle age fat women were in fashion, China’s imperial ages women’s small foot were a must, 50ths healthy and voluptuous body’s were trendy and now, as thinner women body is as better. Women’s external image battle has done that we, women have got lost in the balance of body and mind. For instance; a shallow environment and a lower self-esteem contributed to an eating disorder of my good friend Ingrid.
We are from Colombia and Colombia as its neighbor Venezuela exports beauty queens. Women must be thin, well dress and do anything (surgeries, diets, exercise) to look attractive all the time at any age. Unfortunately, it is part of our culture. Teenagers have breast and bottom transplants, liposuctions, teeth treatments for perfect smiles, hair treatments for gorgeous long hair and of course don’t eat to have the ultimate super slim body; however, it is never enough by Colombian women standards. Colombian women are naturally beautiful; nevertheless our self-esteem is very low. It is what happens when people worry too much on improving their exterior appearance rather that improving personal grow. Ingrid and I used have a common and happy teenager’s life. Among many activities we used to have unhealthy dinners, such as pizza, ice creams and after party’s dinners with hot dogs and burgers. Ingrid’s eating disorder started at the beginning of our university studies. I believe that we were afraid of the unknown future, so to coop with our new challenges we started eating like crazy; therefore we gained a lot of weight. The fact of having low self-esteem and being fat did not help us at all. Weight became an issue difficult to solve, and a weight snow ball effect had begun. Crash diets were every day struggle until one day Ingrid’s knees could not resist her weigh. Her knees’ problem and some academic issues made her to stop her…

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