Discussion 1 Case Scenario

Unit 1 Discussion 1 Case ScenarioIS33509/19/2015Wollor Karnley
The concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability relate to each asset at Premier Collegiate School greatly. The student’s confidentiality is very important for the school to maintain. Their health records and financial records are certain information that should be maintained with a high aspect of privacy. The student and their families would want these types of records kept confidential and private because if such information would become exposed than their personally identifiable information would allow a reasonable person to identify or have access to the student’s health information, and financial statements (checking account, etc).
The integrity of the student’s grades should be maintained. If this isn’t than hackers could access usernames and passwords than change a student’s failing grade to passing. If a student is applying to college with their poor grades change to excellent ones than a student who actually got an excellent grade on their own could possibly not get accepted because the dishonest student was accepted for having better grades through the help of a hacker and lack of the integrity maintained. Also, if the integrity of a student’s record is compromised than their residency could be change and result in the school losing money.
It would be very important for the school to have competent instructors because if they weren’t qualified and didn’t know what they were actually doing then that could affect the student’s ability to learn the curriculum properly. Having no available equipment would hinder the principle, teachers, and the students ability to do what is needed to teach, instruct, and learn. Also, without the availability to equipment than the principal would not have access to a notebook to conduct business on when out of town.
These things would affect both availability and integrity of the C-I-A triad, and because…

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