Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Type 2: We Can Prevent It
Diabetes has become a recent problem in America. As new generations have come about more people are being diagnosed with this disease that can turn out to be deadly. In the last two decades the number of people diagnosed with diabetes has rocketed from 30 million to 230 million. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Diabetes a health hazard for the 21st century. The statistics in the United States are no different. Diabetes is said to be the 7th leading cause of the death in the U.S. (Critser). As this epidemic continues to grow a lot of people are becoming at risk of getting diabetes. How can Americans and the world stop this disease from reaching our families and our children? (Stahura 12)
Diabetes dates back thousand of years ago, when doctors didn’t have the technology that they have now. They had to base diagnosis on their observation.They often had patients that were always hungry and ate large amounts of food but still grew thin, as though they were starving (8). One major observation that doctors saw was that the patients suffered from a horrible thirst that no amount of liquid could quench. They also had to urinate a lot – sometimes 10 or more times per day.
Furthermore, doctors also noticed that the smell of the urine had a sweet scent to it. In “From Thebes to Toronto and the 21st Century: An Incredible Journey”, the author Lee J. Sanders states how doctors in Ancient India even called the urine of these patients “Honey Urine” because they “saw the attraction of flies and ants to the urine of those affected by this ailment.” Later on doctors in Europe discovered that the taste of this urine was sugary, so they decided that the correct name for this disease would be Sugar Diabetes. Unfortunately there was no treatment for this newly found disease so a lot of people died before and during the discovery of the mysterious illness.
Diabetes is broken down to two types. Type One diabetes, that occurs…

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