corn starch processing production

Corn starch production process:
Clean up except miscellaneous – soaked – crushed – germ separation – grinding – starch sizing – protein separation, starch sieve washing – centrifugal separation, drying.

Corn starch processing Major equipment:
1. Elevator 2. Clean the screen 3. stone remove channel 4. Sulfurous acid tank 5. Sulfur absorption tower 6. Soak pot 7. 8. Gravity crushing mill 9. Needle grinding 10. 11. Germ hydrocyclone germ sieve 12. Pressure curved sieve 13. 14. Sink separator
Corn starch process introduction:
1. corn starch process Raw material requirements:
Corn: moisture % (m/m) ? 14%;
The impurity rate % ?2% ;
Starch content % (m/m) ?70% ;
Starch: 65-68%
Germ of 6-8%
Fiber powder 8-10%
Protein powder4.5 – 6%
A ton of corn can produce about 0.3-0.32 tons alcohol
traditional corn wet milling method (sulfurous acid aqueous solution reflux soak corn to extract the constituent of soluble corn soaking water, tooth grinding crushing, hydrocyclone separation and extraction of corn germ, screening to slag, the disc separator and cyclone separator combined separation to remove protein) closed cycle production of corn starch production process, to guarantee the reliability of the process. At the same time make full use of process water, achieve the goal of saving water.
Corn starch use corn as the raw material, through raw grain cleaning, soaking, crushing, fine grinding and separation, starch delicate, dehydration, drying, packaging, finished product. Production in the process of synchronization germs isolated, fiber powder, corn protein powder and corn starch. These by-products have respectively after separation, washing, dehydration, drying to metering packaging .In the end of a complete set of production process. Corn starch production line is a continuous flow process. Corn starch can also and corn fiber powder to make spray, is to do good raw material for the feed.

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