Tyler Burton
Ms. Eberhart
CP World Lit. Comp
11 September 2015
This I Believe Personality Is Key
Let me explain something classy people always have the money to buy anything they want like more clothes. Being outgoing is a good trait to have because I get along with everybody and I am fun to talk to. My mother always taught me to use manners because respect can take you somewhere money cannot and that’s very true. Three words that best describe me are classy, polite, and outgoing. Because those words make up my whole personality. Plus some of my back round of where I came from and who my parents are.
In the past, I did not dress professionally because I was little and did not know what the word classy even meant. However, I began to dress classier in third grade. I watched Justin Timberlake on Mtv , so I started wearing top hats , white dress and bowties. I have Plethora of bowties, but my favorite is my Baby blue one. My whole life I have been copying Justin Timberlake’s classy style of dressing because I like looking I’m dressing for a job interview. Furthermore, polite describe me well because I use manners while I speak. Mother always taught me that respect can take you somewhere money cannot. Being polite is the best feeling because making someone else feels respected is the greatest expense. When I’m in the hallway, I say hello to everyone because I like speaking to my fellow peers. Being polite is important to me because respect makes the world go round.

Finally, the word outgoing has been one of my traits since birth. During the school day I joke with everyone, those I do not know, just because I am outgoing. I make people laugh and other students think I am funny; they compare me to Chris Rock. Sometimes I even make myself laugh just by thinking of something that happened earlier in life. My outgoing personality keeps me of negative drama because being outgoing helps me make a lot of friends. Outgoing has some disadvantages because…

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