Compare and Contrast Allopathy and Homeopathy

Allopathy and Homeopathy
Allopathy and HomeopathyWhen you turn on the news or read an online article, there is more than likely chatter about something in the health industry. In a time when the concern of health care coverage and health are at an all-time high, understanding different types of medical treatment are a must. In America, Western Medicine is most commonly practiced. But what do you know about natural treatmentWestern medicine is based on an allopathic approach to healing. Whereas, the use of natural treatment is known as a homeopathic approach. Allopathy is considered to be regular medicine in many countries, but homeopathy is argued to be a natural and holistic way of cure. According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy, is the second largest system of medicine in the world after conventional allopathic medicine (Sinha, 2012). Natural homeopathic treatment being more reliable or allopathic treatment of the modern age being more beneficial will always be of great debate. Both of these schools of medicine consider the other to be non-beneficial. Those who practice and study homeopathic medicine thinks that allopathic medicines tend to make people even sicker, in the long run. Whereas, allopathic doctors believe that homeopathy only use placebos as its mechanism to cure people. Regardless, the goal of both groups is the same; healing the sick.
The allopathic system of treatment or cure of diseases is based on the principles of the ancient Greeks, for example- Hippocrates. Homeopathy started with the beliefs of German allopathic physician Samuel Hahnemann, whom in 1810, also coined the term allopathy. During that time, other heroic methods of treatment were also performed, such as bloodletting and other extreme measures of treatment. Since the term was first coined the meaning has evolved, as well as, modern medicine.
Allopathy is a biologically based approach to healing. Allopathic comes from the Greek word…

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