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Java Exam
Select the best answer.
1: The .class extension on a file means that the file
a.contains Java source code.
b.contains HTML. produced by the Java compiler (javac).
d.contains a machine specific executable image.
2: Which command compiles the Java source code file
3: A(n) ________ enables a program to read data from the user.
b.import declaration
d.main routine
4: Which of the following is a Scanner methoda.nextLine
5: Every Java application is required to have
a. at least one public static method. least one data member.
c. a String variable which holds the name of the application.
d.a content pane and several GUI components.
6: Which of the following statements about creating arrays and initializing their elements is falsea. The new keyword should be used to create an array.
b. When an array is created, the number of elements must be placed in square brackets following the type of element being stored.
c. The elements of an array have unknown values just after the array has been created.
d. A for loop is an excellent way to initialize the elements of an array.
7: Assume the following class declaration.
class MyClass
int a;
String q;
public void firstMethod()
int b, ;
* 7;
+ c * a;
Mark the following…

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