COMM 215 Entire Class

COMM 215 Entire Class 215 Week 1 DQ1

Could you please discuss your writing experience and your feelings about your writingWhat would you like to accomplish in this course
COMM 215 Week 1 DQ2

What questions do you ask yourself, as you revise a piece of writing? What questions could you ask
COMM 215 Week 1 DQ3

Define the writing process you have been using, and discuss how your process should change as you work toward a better product. Your discussion will focus on the questions you begin asking yourself as you revise a draft.

COMM 215 Week 1 Individual Assignment Persuasive Essay

COMM 215 Week 2 Description

COMM 215 Week 2 DQ1

How is the case study analysis process used in your workplace? If it is not used there, how could it be used? Were you familiar with the case study format prior to this course
COMM 215 Week 2 DQ2

What is critical thinking, and what role might it play in your case study analysis? How does “critical thinking” apply to your every day life and decision-making, or does it
COMM 215 Week 2 Individual Assignment Case Study Analysis Paper

COMM 215 Week 3 Description

COMM 215 Week 3 DQ1

What is the meaning of research is organized curiosity
COMM 215 Week 3 DQ2

How can you use research and questioning skills in your workplace? How can you imagine an applied research project helping your company
COMM 215 Week 3 Individual Assignment Case Study Analysis Paper Peer Review 1
COMM 215 Week 3 Individual Assignment Case Study Analysis Paper Peer Review 2
COMM 215 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment What is a Good Resource

COMM 215 Week 4 Description

COMM 215 Week 4 DQ1

What is the purpose and historical academic use of specific formatting styles
COMM 215 Week 4 DQ2

What is the value of reviewing written work from the overview or big-picture level before…

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