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The aim of this assignment is enable you to confirm the skills and techniques you would use to plan and manage a project.
You are not required to carry out this project- you will be describing your approach to plan and carry out a hypothetical project which could be implemented within your organisation at some point in the future.
The Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) brief provides you with a context to show your knowledge of project planning, managing a team and influencing others to ultimately achieve your proposed project goals.
These guidance notes provide you with an overview of the key areas that you need to address in order to successfully complete this TMA.1. Situational analysis of your organisation (or one you are most familiar with)
Provide a brief overview of your organisation to explain the business context eg. business goals, sector, size etc.
Explore the importance of why effective recruitment and retention is important in supporting the achievement of organisational goals.
Carry out a PESTLE analysis (template below) to demonstrate your skills in carrying out situational analysis to provide a broader context for your proposed project. This analysis should review the influence of key external factors and evaluate how they may impact on how effectively your organisation recruits and retains talent.
Summarise the impact on your organisation’s ability to attract and retain talent
(You may import your completed PESTLE analysis into the body of your report – this would not form part of your word count) You could support your PESTLE analysis by applying other situational analysis techniques such as ‘Drill down’ (page 102 of your workbook) ; Porter’s 5 Forces (page 101 of your workbook) and the Fishbone diagram (Ishiwaki) to explore the broader issues and problems you have identified regarding recruitment and retention…

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