Chris Brown vs Drake

“Chris Brown vs Drake”
There is a lot to talk about Chris Brown and Drake, so famous, talented and young artist. Between “Breezy” and “Dreezy”, how they call themselves, have always existed a controversy of who is better singer, who is more popular and even who is considered a better person. Even though they are both loved by their audiences and people have different opinions about them, only one is going to be victorious on the CB vs D battle. Who will it be Chris Brown, R&B singer and choreographer, started his career at the age of 16. Now he’s 26 and as famous as he is all around the world you can tell he is one of the most popular singers at the moment. Breezy is a complete artist, besides having a sweet and really powerful voice, he is the best dancer you have ever seen. Most of his songs have been in the top songs of the “Billboard Ranking” list at some point. Also every single one of his musical videos has an amazing dance choreography that when you watch it, pulls you instantly into the song and makes you want to turn up and start singing and dancing right away. But as loved as he is, Chris has a problem, he is too young and too famous, and sometimes having all this money makes you do an try things you’ve never done before. Chris Brown has been put in jail several times, most of the times for alcoholic and drug problems, but he also served some time for hitting Rihanna who used to be his girlfriend before. It is not that Breezy is an “evil” person, because he is always helping people having all kinds of charities, but these things he’s done for being too “powerful”, doesn’t make him the best model to look up to.
On the other hand, Drake, Rap and Hip-Hop singer, winner of many musical awards like Grammy’s. Like Chris Brown, a lot of his songs are catchy and have been in the top songs at a certain moment. At the point of becoming songs that people…

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