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1. Question
When developing forecasts, two key inputs that were discussed in the text are:
Assessing internal strengths and environmental scanning
Environmental scanning and a SWOT analysis
Environmental scanning and competitor intelligence
Environmental scanning and stakeholder identification
2. Question
_____________ tracks the evolution of environmental trends, sequences of events, or streams of activities.
Environmental scanning
Environmental monitoring
Environmental surveying
Competitive intelligence
3. Question
When we scan the general environment, we can identify information on:
Customer and firm bargaining power
Competitive rivalry
Substitute goods
The aging population and ethnic shifts
4. Question
Gathering “competitive intelligence” _______________.
is good business practice.
is illegal.
is considered unethical.
minimizes the need to obtain information in the public domain.
5. Question
When conducting environmental forecasting, we can say that it involves developing plausible projections about which of the following concerning environmental changeA. Speed
B. Direction
C. Both A and B are correct.
D. None of above is correct.
6. Question
Which of the following is not a limitation of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats)…

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