BUS 518 Complete Course BUS518 Complete Course

BUS 518 Complete Course BUS518 Complete Course
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http://workbank247.com/q/bus-518-complete-course-bus518-complete-course/22233BUS 518 Week 1 Discussion
“Examples of Leaders”  Please respond to the following:
Choose two business leaders either living or deceased, and provide three examples that illustrate how they demonstrated leadership characteristics. For each of the people in the chosen examples, compare and contrast the differences between his / her leadership characteristics.
BUS 518 Week 2 Discussion
“Crisis Leadership”  Please respond to the following:
Imagine you are a project manager of a construction site. You have just received notification that a major tornado is heading in your direction within the hour. Using this situation, give one example of how your leadership during this crisis would be different from leading under normal circumstances. 
BUS 518 Week 3 Discussion
“Capabilities of Team Members”  Please respond to the following:
Construct an argument for replacing a team member that you believe is unqualified for the task you have assigned. Provide at least two examples to support your rationale.
BUS 518 Week 3 Assignment 1 A Peaceful Evacuation Building a Multi-Project Battalion by Leading Upward
Due Week 3 and worth 240 points
Read the weekly assigned chapters and view the lectures before beginning the assignment.
Read the case study titled “A Peaceful Evacuation: Building a Multi-Project Battalion by Leading Upward.” before starting this assignment. 
Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:
1. Describe the leadership style that Lieutenant Colonel Yaron exhibited as the commander of a battalion for the evacuation operation. Provide three (3) examples of his leadership actions and behavior. Discuss the pros and cons in each example you describe to support the response. 
2. Analyze the leadership style that…

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