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BIBLICAL INTEGRATIONIn order to make it in any aspect of life we must have wisdom. The definition of wisdom is “knowledge of what is proper or reasonable: good sense or judgment”. (Merriam-Webster) I am a father of three children and a husband of one wife, it is imperative for me to seek God daily for wisdom. There is no way a family can be successful without the head of the household having good judgment about this present life. Having all the riches and wealth in the world means nothing, if you do not have the wisdom to know what to do with it. Seeking our heavenly father has been a blessing to my life and sometimes wisdom was not first priority in my life. But life lessons bring on maturity, and when life teaches you better learn. Wisdom does not come overnight it is a process, but to get understanding of how to cope with the daily sins of this world; I must obtain wisdom.
Integrity to me is all about living an honest life; it builds your character and your reputation. One bad move in life can cripple your integrity, but thank God for Grace and second chances. You have to have integrity in the work place, church, school, family, marriage. I think about my online education it takes integrity for me to not Plagiarize or cheat my way through this journey. You cannot be wise without having integrity, they go hand in hand.
God rewards them that diligently seek him; Wisdom, Integrity, Diligence, I do not believe you can have one without the other, because of the similarities. It takes wisdom to be diligent in your everyday living; it takes diligence to have integrity in certain situations that we may be faced with. I want to have all three components clicking for me to be successful in all facets of life, there is no way I will achieve my goals if I am not diligently seeking out the right resources to achieve them.
If you have good time management skills in your journey of higher learning, it will reduce stress, and boost productivity. It shows wisdom…

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