ACCT 567 Complete Course Material

ACCT 567 Complete Course Material 567 Week 1 DQ 1 Standard-Setting Bodies )
Discuss some of the major differences between GASB and FASB when it comes to setting accounting standards.
ACCT 567 Week 1 DQ 2 Accounting vs. Governmental Systems
Why are there major differences between governmental accounting systems vs. business accounting systemsACCT 567 Week 1 Homework Exercises
ACCT 567 Week 1 Homework Chapter 1 (Exercise 1-3)
ACCT 567 Week 1 Homework Exercises (2-3) and Exercise (2-5)
ACCt 567 Week 2
ACCT 567 Week 2 DQ 1 Adoption of a Budget
How does the adoption of a budget in a governmental entity differ from the adoption of a budget by a commercial enterpriseWeek 2 DQ 2 Governmental Accounting
Transactions (Graded)
Please provide an explanation as to why accounting transactions for governmental activities as the governmental-wide level tend to be reported differently than transactions for the General Fund? Could you cite some examplesWeek 2 Case Study and Homework Exercise
ACCT 567 Week 2 Case Study I (City of Middleville)
ACCT 567 Week 2 Homework Problems 3-9 and 4-4, 4-6, 4-10
ACCT 567 Week 3
ACCT 567 Week 3 DQ 1 Capital Funds
When should a capital projects fund be used by a governmental entity? Is it mandatory that a governmental entity use a capital project fund for GAAP purposesACCT 567 Week 3 DQ 2 Purpose of a Debt
Service Fund
When does GAAP require the use of a debt service fund? Are there instances when a governmental entity is not required to use a debt service fundWeek 3 Homework Problem,Excercises and Quiz
ACCT 567 Week 3 Homework Problems 5-3 and 6-5
ACCT 567 Week 3 Problem 5-7 and Problem 6-8
ACCT 567 Week 3 Quiz
(TCO A) Which of the following items are considered Required Supplementary Information (RSI)(TCO B) In addition to the government-wide statements, governmental entities are required to prepare fund…

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