BUS 100 Midterm Exam Answers

BUS 100 Midterm Exam Answers
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Question 1
4 out of 4 points
The _____ is the business entity in a franchise relationship that allows others to operate a business using resources it supplies in exchange for money and other considerations

• Question 2
4 out of 4 points
_____ is the contractual relationship in which an established firm supplies another business with unique resources in exchange for payment and other considerations.

• Question 3
4 out of 4 points
The party in a franchise relationship that pays for the right to use resources supplied by another business entity is known as the

• Question 4
4 out of 4 points
A nonprofit corporation enjoys the benefit of

• Question 5
4 out of 4 points
From the standpoint of an owner, a major advantage of the sole proprietorship is the:

• Question 6
4 out of 4 points
A company must register as a foreign corporation if they

• Question 7
4 out of 4 points
Not all corporations are large. In recent years, about 24 percent of corporations have reported less than _____ in total sales revenue.

• Question 8
4 out of 4 points
The federal government runs a budget deficit when its

• Question 9
4 out of 4 points
Changes in the PPI can predict changes in the Consumer…

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