CIS 210 Midterm Exam Answers

CIS 210 Midterm Exam Answers
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Question 1
The ____ group typically provides leadership and overall guidance, but the systems themselves are developed by teams consisting of users, managers, and IT staff members.
Question 2
In a sequence diagram, vertical arrows represent messages from one object to another.
Question 3
When conducting an interview, after asking a question, allow the person enough time to think about the question and arrive at an answer.
Question 4
Creating a standard list of interview questions helps a systems analyst to keep on track and avoid unnecessary tangents.
Question 5
If you do not have previous experience to measure a project in a given environment, you could design a prototype or pilot system to gain technical and cost estimating experience.
Question 6
The purpose of quantitative risk analysis is to understand the actual impact in terms of dollars, time, project scope, or quality.
Question 7
A project manager, or project leader, usually is a senior systems analyst or an IT department manager if the project is large.
Question 8
Wireless capability allows all of the following EXCEPT ____.
Question 9
A ____, such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Organizer, can help manage meetings, interviews, appointments,…

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